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This little piggy

Our local school is having a fair on Saturday, and the boys have talked me into trying my hand at a market stall. I’ve been working busily for the last few weeks, and now, mostly by sacrificing sleep and housework, I have quite a little cache accumulated.

mischief of monkeys

A tribe* of monkeys. Any remaining after their big day out will be making an appearance on etsy.


A festival of balloon balls. These were inspired by the beloved balloon ball I loved and lost as a kid.


Since I’m on the topic of collective nouns, let’s call this a flotilla of soaps.

Front stack, top to bottom is spice cake, lemon myrtle and vanilla bean, honey and oatmeal, and lavender and fresh cream.
Back row from left to right; peppermint and cardamon, bergamot and black pepper, gumball, and geranium and french clay.


And a covey of wraps. I was originally intending to use up my stockpile of PUL fabric, however a brief googling informed me that polyurethane laminate isn’t approved for use with food. Some more research and fun experimentation ensued, and now we have a stack of gorgeous smelling beeswax wraps. The bit I love is that at the end of their life they can even be composted! They sure were fiddly to make though. Next time I’ll dig out Mum’s Print Gocco and whip up a snazzy logo, just for fun.

*One of the official collective nouns for monkeys. Other options were troop (too militaristic for me), a barrel (how on earth monkeys first came to be associated with barrels is probably something I don’t want to know!) and a cartload (an equally unlikely method of transporting of monkeys, I should think!) Personally I think a mischief of monkeys would be a more fitting description.


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Miss Dotty Yellowspot

Miss Olive Greenspot

And Master Bondi Greenstripe

Now all with ears 😀

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Sneak peek

I know I’ve been missing in action for some time now, having been hard at work in the garden and, well.. at work. I’ve been meaning to post some photos of the finished terrace project, which we began just after xmas, but having run out of bandwidth for the month, that will have to wait for a bit longer. However, I will post a sneak peek of some new little critters I’m working on at the moment (I promise I’l sew their ears on properly as soon as I get off the ‘puter.) Sadly I only have 2 of each colour, so if you think you know someone who’d like one, be quick!

Also, can anyone suggest some names for these little guys? I think the pink and green one on the right (currently minus her ears, poor thing) has to be called Dotty, but I’m stuck on the other two! Any ideas?

April 30, 2008 at 2:45 pm 2 comments

Going Etsy

Little House on the Hill has finally cottoned on and gone Etsy. and about jolly time too. If you haven’t discovered Etsy yet, lucky you! It’s a dangerous place full of wild and wonderful things that you always wanted but never knew about. Including Little House on the Hill sock monkeys!

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A whole circus of monkeys

I thought it was about time to put pictures of all 15 different monkeys in one place. I may have to add to this as I go along, so please bear with me. Just at the moment, the little critters are whizzing off all over the place almost before I can take portraits of them. I think they are all trying to find new homes by Christmas. Most people think Christmas is really for kids (both the big and the little varieties, of course) but think how excited the presents must be; eagerly awaiting Christmas morning and the grand unveiling from the box or wrapping. I think it would be pretty cool to be a gift. But I digress..

Back to the point at hand.

Firstly the Rainbow family –
Edwin Jigsaw Max Widestripe
And Felix Thinstripe

The Flower family –
Mabel the Yellow
Daisy Purple
Poppy Red

The Hearts – (from left to right) Ella, Lou, and Emmaline

And the Argyles –

Milly, Lucy, Matilda, Angus, Bertie, and Stanley



Bertie and Angus


December 9, 2007 at 10:03 pm 1 comment

Daisy’s Family

Daisy and her sisters. Be warned, Poppy (on the right) is very cheeky!

Sometimes special monkeys get lovely long eyelashes or different coloured eyes, that’s the joy of handmade craft.

And here is a group shot of the Rainbow crew

December 9, 2007 at 9:12 pm 1 comment


Since I’m on a roll I’ve been playing with some new socks. They’re even louder than the wall behind, which is saying something. Every time I look at the middle one, I think he looks like he’s off to the beach, all dressed up in a Victorian striped bathing costume..

Drat. You know what it’s like when you try taking a group shot. Somebody always blinks. Or forgets to smile. Or in this particular case, somebody might have forgotten to sew a mouth on before taking a photo. :blush:

November 30, 2007 at 7:23 pm 1 comment

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