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It’s Giftalong time again!


The 2016 Indie Design GAL is here!

This year we have an amazing 335 designers from 33 countries, banding together to have a huge 25% off sale (till midnight Nov 30, US EST), followed by an enormous craftalong (think fun, games and prizes) running until the end of the year!

The Indie Design Gift-A-Long group has more info, just follow this link.

To quote a large chunk from the thread linked above:

“There are eight KAL/CALs to participate in, prizes of all sorts given out, games, and generally a lot of fun! The Gift-A-Long KAL/CALs will run from November 22nd at 8pm US EST through – December 31, 2016 at 11:59pm US EST. All patterns by the participating designers are eligible for the KAL/CALs and all not-free patterns by the participating designers are eligible to win prizes.”

Come along and craft up a storm!

Thanks to Kimberly Golynskiy of 80 Skeins for the grest infographic.


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Shawl of Many Shapes, a fundraiser.


We’ve been slowly making our way from the Netherlands down to Turkey over the past 4 months, and along the way we frequently read about, and occasionally meet, refugees heading the other direction.

I can’t imagine doing what they are doing. It must be hell. We see them most often outside supermarkets. We walk out carrying bags of supplies, and they are sitting outside in the cold, looking very tired, and often with small children just like ours.

And reading the news.. well, let’s not go there.

As a small way of doing something useful, I’m releasing Shawl of Many Shapes.

Full proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières. Every time I read about some new awfulness, they are already there helping out.

The pattern includes 4 separate shawls made from the one lace, and is a mini lesson in shawl shaping.

Each shape includes a simple repeatable chart which can be worked to any size, in a range of weights.

Beginners can can keep it simple and work a stockinette shawl, using just the edging for an elegant finish.

The lace has a short repeat which is quick to memorise, and is interesting enough to be knit more than once. (Several of the test knitters went back for a second shape, and one decided to knit one of everything!)

Many thanks to the test knitters, who did a wonderful job in record time, and also to all those who buy a pattern for a worthy cause. Happy knitting!

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Pattern Release: Dragon’s Breath

I’ve been keeping a secret which has been burning a hole in my pocket for some time now, and I’m very, very pleased to be able to share it at last!

Dragon’s Breath is a beaded lace weight cowl, named for that last burst of heat that sometimes flares up in autumn, before the fire-breathing summer flies away to the other hemisphere.

Simple to knit and dramatic to wear. Both the width and length of the cowl can be adjusted, and the beads are optional but fun. This would make a good first project for working in the round, or trying beading.

Best of all, it comes to you thanks to Knitty!

(Please forgive me tooting my own trumpet but I had to share as I feel like I’m on top of the world just now, and not only because I’ve just flown 20,000 kms northward to begin our year long vagabonding travel adventure!)

Dragons breath

Special thanks to my dear friend Lizzy for being a fire breathing dragon for me. 🙂

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Ominously quiet in the corner


It’s been very quiet here since November. Usually when the kids are quiet it means they are Up To Something, and usually something dubious.

In my case I’ve been head down, knitting up a storm, so here is a catch up post. Apologies for the number of links.

So far this year I’ve been working on 3 series; Oriental Tales, the Little Book of Fairy Tales, and am just finishing up a series about love – Love is like friendship caught on fire. (I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is love of the interpersonal variety, or for the love of knitting! 😉

The Nimble Knits group has grown, and the community continually blows me away with its warmth and kindness. We now have regular knitalongs (check out the KALendar here for updates if you like to knit with friends.) Currently there is a knitalong of the Leaf Cycle shawls.

I’m excited to say there’s been a lot of leaping of the language barrier, with a number of patterns now available in French thanks to the delightful ladies of  Madlaine Yarns, in German thanks to TinaStrickt, and in Italian thanks to Unfilodi Knit House (who hosted a KAL of the free cowl pattern Whimsycowl in April).

And soon I’ll be doing some leaping of my own as our family of 5 is about to embark on a year of vagabonding. After several years of planning and dreaming, we are finally only days away from setting off to travel around Europe and the UK for 12 months. In a bongo van. Wish us luck! (We may need it..)

I’ll be keeping some sort of record of our journey here, for any who are curious.

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Ravelry Giftalong fun and games!


Ravelry is having its second Giftalong. Nearly 300 indie designers have banded together this year to throw a great big knitting-and-crocheting-palooza, with about 3800 patterns on sale, and lots of prizes!

The sale lasts from 8pm US EST Thurs 13th Nov – midnight 21st Nov, just use the coupon code giftalong2014 for 25% off.

The event continues till the midnight, New Year’s Eve, with competitions, pop quizzes, designer hunts and interviews, and lots of prizes.

Last year everyone had a blast, and this year is set to be even bigger! Just bring yarn! has all the details, Pinterest links etc.

Happy knitting!

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