Shawl of Many Shapes, a fundraiser.

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We’ve been slowly making our way from the Netherlands down to Turkey over the past 4 months, and along the way we frequently read about, and occasionally meet, refugees heading the other direction.

I can’t imagine doing what they are doing. It must be hell. We see them most often outside supermarkets. We walk out carrying bags of supplies, and they are sitting outside in the cold, looking very tired, and often with small children just like ours.

And reading the news.. well, let’s not go there.

As a small way of doing something useful, I’m releasing Shawl of Many Shapes.

Full proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières. Every time I read about some new awfulness, they are already there helping out.

The pattern includes 4 separate shawls made from the one lace, and is a mini lesson in shawl shaping.

Each shape includes a simple repeatable chart which can be worked to any size, in a range of weights.

Beginners can can keep it simple and work a stockinette shawl, using just the edging for an elegant finish.

The lace has a short repeat which is quick to memorise, and is interesting enough to be knit more than once. (Several of the test knitters went back for a second shape, and one decided to knit one of everything!)

Many thanks to the test knitters, who did a wonderful job in record time, and also to all those who buy a pattern for a worthy cause. Happy knitting!


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