Designer interview: Terri of Ninja8tofu

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As part of the Ravelry Giftalong, I’ve been given the opportunity to interview the wonderful Terri Kruse of Ninja8tofu Designs.


Abernathy sweater

Tell me about yourself
My name is Terri Kruse and I am the designer behind Ninja8tofu Designs. I live in North Dakota where I am given ample opportunity to wear knitted items.

And how did you come up with your name?

It was really random. I had to think of a username and I happened to be making tofu that day and I like ninjas…so I just put the two together. 8 is my favorite number. Together it all kind of sounded slightly humorous.

How would you describe your style?

Also, sometimes kind of random. I have ever-shifting tastes I think. I like classic styles, but I also like a bit of quirkyness. Personally, I like things that are really comfortable. Some might call it “lazy”.

The beautiful Foster.

What got you started designing?

After I learned to knit, I started modifying things almost immediately. It was kind of in my nature already, I had been sewing clothing since high school and I modified almost everything I sewed, too.

What aspects of designing do you most love, and what do you find most challenging?

The actual knitting is the easiest and most fun part for me. Writing out the first draft of a pattern is the hardest, sitting down and putting it all to paper (and I do this before I knit) is just almost like torture!

What’s your design process? Where do you start?

I start, generally, with sketches and swatches. I will sketch something out and file it away and when I’m ready for it, I will pull it out and swatch, usually several swatches.


Extremely cute Pigwidgeon mitts and matching hat.

Do you have a pattern that you’ve most loved designing, or project you’ve most loved making?

Pretty much any of the kids’ patterns. I really love knitting up little things. They are more instantly gratifying, though not necessarily easier, sometimes it’s hard to fit things on so many fewer stitches. Or colorwork. I love colorwork.

If someone was to knit just one of your patterns, which would you recommend?

Hmmm…that’s tough. It depends on what they like knitting. I think I would pick a kid sweater, maybe Go Buffalo. I liked it so much I just finished the adult version (though in Kings colors).


<a href="http://Go Buffalo

Have you planned what will you be knitting for the GAL?

Well, I don’t have a lot of time to do “fun” knitting, but I think I may do a hat or some sort of colorwork. I don’t know what yet. I will have to look over the patterns and see which I will want to do.

I will have several patterns coming out during the KAL…Likely the Adult version of the Abernathy, which will go on presale in about 2 weeks. I don’t have a definite on that one but approximately 2 weeks. I’ll be running a KAL for that and the little version.

Thanks very much Terri!

Some other examples of Terri’s work, just because they’re beautiful –



Anonymous Vampire


And Cadenza



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