Can singing help make knitting easier?

August 20, 2014 at 9:21 pm Leave a comment


Do you sing knitting ditties? I do.

Actually, singing is an overstatement. It’s more accurate to say I mumble them most of the time.

Maybe its because I’m so used to being around small children who constantly ask ‘what are you doing?’ I’ve been trained into verbalising my actions as I go about the house.

This seems to have carried over into my knitting. Lucky me.. Hopefully I don’t do it when I’m out too. It might be thought out of place at the supermarket.

However, I do think it’s been a helpful habit for my knitting. Whenever I’m knitting a lace row, I unconsciously fall into a quiet litany of my stitch repeat, with an emphasis on the key stitches that need to line up with landmarks on the row below.

I find it helps me keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing, and means I can still knit the lace rows even in the midst of moderate chaos (I do down tools for proper chaos though!) and it also helps me spot mistakes more quickly, as whenever a key stitch doesn’t line up as it ought, it’s like hitting an off note in a song – and like a good little lemming, I go back and carefully retrace my steps until I find the glitch and catch the scent of the trail again!

‘Yo, sisk, katie, yo, K, yo,’ … (Katie is what k2tog has morphed into in my cluttered mind..) The bold k1 is the one that needs to line up with a certain stitch landmark below..

Well, it might be odd, but it saves me from gnawing my own wrist off in frustration while trying to use stitch markers.

How do you manage your stitch repeats?

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