Honeycomb cosy

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honeycomb 1

I’m in a Mad Knitters’ Tea Party knitalong this month, and I was dreaming of a tea cosy for one of my poor naked teapots, but with all the shawling I’m doing at the moment, it’s not going to happen. So here’s a more manageable project instead – fun and quick, but enough to feel like you’ve achieved something!

I’ve gone with a honeycomb pattern because I’ve always wanted to make a honeycomb tea cosy, and this way, if I ever do, I’ll have a pre coordinated cup.

I started with a 2×2 cabled honeycomb, but it was way too chunky for the DK I was working with (my only yellow aside from a lace weight silk) so I toned it down to a 1×1, which was great because this way you can work it the sneaky way without a cable needle*, which makes this a very quick little knit, especially with the resting rows.



If using DK weight –

CO 20 (I like a cable cast on, but this is mostly out of habit – and it’s the only one I can recall off the top of my head. It seems a good balance of sturdy and stretchy though. Multiples of 2 required for altering the width.
Foundation row: P across.
Row 1: K across.
Row 2: (and all WS rows) P across.
Row 3: K across.
Row 5: C2F, C2B, repeat to end.
Row 7: K
Row 9: C2B. C2F, repeat to end
Repeat rows 2-9

I used 6 repeats of rows 2-9, and then 2 plain rows before BO on the WS. This is for a big mug.

(Using sock/fingering weight? Try co 24 instead of 20. I’ll post a pic as soon as I’ve knit one. )


Now for some variables to play with.

How do you want your cup cosy finished off?

To some extent it depends on the type of handle on the mug. If you have a small handle, stitching the top and bottom corners together is a good quick solution.

If you have larger handles, I like the tab option. In this case I picked up 10 central sts from the more scruffy end, and knit 10 rows before binding off. You can sew 2 little buttons on the corners of the tab and use the convenient little holes in the cable as button holes.


honeycomb tab

Don’t have handles? Prefer to knit in the round? Try CO 44 instead and then 4 repeats of rows 2-9, more or less, depending on the height of your cup/the size of your hand. This will rotate the pattern 90 deg, but the effect will be pretty much the same (to test this, turn your computer on its side. 🙂


honeycomb cosy

*The sneaky way is where you cue-jump and steal the second stitch from the front. Knit this stitch (either from the front or back, depending on whether you are cabling forward or back) and then knit the stitch at the tip of the needle. Knitting the stitches out of sequence twists the fabric of your knitting, creating a mini cable. It feels a bit odd, but it works. And it beats using cable needles if you’re cable anything like me. All my needles have the suicidal lemming gene, and an unfortunate tendency to leap off my lap at importune moments. Like when they should be holding stitches. Shirkers.

Did you spot the mistake half way through where I cabled off kilter? I left that there purely as an example, not because I didn’t notice it until I’d cast off and sewn the buttons on. Honest.

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