2 minute homemade peanut butter heaven

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Homemade peanut butter

Boy meets bun. I think the bun might be winning.


With the recent knitting frenzy, culinary adventures in the little house have been few and far between, however we did have one hit over the school hols, and it’s become a staple.

We are a household of PB-oholics, so I don’t know why I hadn’t tried this before, but even I was surprised by how easy this was.


Empty bag of peanuts into kitchen whizzer gadget, and whizz away. Add a little salt if like us, you are used to shop stuff and prefer to acclimate gradually. I used roasted, unsalted, and added 1/4 tsp of salt, mostly dissolved in 1 tsp of water.


Just some peanuts.


Peanut flour after about 30 seconds.


Oils starting to release after another 30 seconds, but keep going.

homemade peanut butter

Glossy and smooth. Time to add the pinch of salt, and decant while it’s warm and runny. Then you get to lick the spoon.


Watch for the interesting experiments involving how big a spoonful you can eat without gluing your mouth together. Apparently this is a riot, and a competition worthy challenge (almost everything is a competition worthy challenge when you are between the ages of 4-8 apparently. Can anyone tell me what age competitiveness stops?)

And how much peanut butter you can eat in one sitting without making yourself feel ill.

A word of warning though. If you are doing this with kids, you may want to buy one bag of peanuts per offspring.

Boy #1 was adamant that he only liked the supermarket variety (the one with all the lovely hydrogenated fats..) so I did a bit of sneaky parenting and asked #2 to help me make it, and this could be his very own jar, and #1 could have the shop stuff all to himself. After watching 2 get to sit up on the kitchen bench and peer into the top of the mixer, watch the contents go from whole nuts, to a cohesive, glossy mass, even choose the degree of crunchiness, etc, he decided he wanted his own jar after all! Good thing I had a spare bag in the cupboard!

Apparently the lure of being able to sit on the kitchen bench and peer into the mixer is too great to resist, even at the grand old age of nearly 8!

Meanwhile #3 just sat in the high chair and watched in avid curiously, as usual. His turn will come, no doubt.



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