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interplay p1

While I’m on a roll with this adaptable pattern concept, here’s another choose-your-own-adventure shawl, cousin to Willow and the upcoming Countertide.

Interplay is a top-down, striped, crescent shaped shawl, named for the interplay it encourages between knitter and pattern: this is a pattern you can play with!

  • Start the lace when you like, extend it as far as you like, or use it repeatedly with plain sections in between.Or knit the whole shawl in lace..
  • Knit from two ends of the same yarn for subtle stripes, or use two contrasting colours, or no stripes at all. Perfect for showing off some handspun or variegated yarn.
  • The edging makes a playful little ruffle or can be blocked into large eyelets. One enterprising tester even crocheted her eyelets.

The pattern is deceptively simple, yet can be used to make many different shawls.

It was inspired by a gorgeous skein of Three Waters Farm with such intriguing colour combinations that I didn’t want them to get lost  in a typical gradation. I wanted to shuffle them up against each other and give the contrasts a chance to sing!


Handspun shawl interplay

Self striping some Three Waters Farm handspun

Handspun shawl Interplay

Knitting from both ends of the yarn breaks up the colour progressions in intriguing ways.

quickblocking lace shawl

The same shawl sopping wet, lazy blocking on the clothesline.


Interplay shawl 5

Another TWF handspun, this time alternated with a lightweight grey to let the colour gradations speak for themselves, and be called out by lace section.      The little ruffle here is partially blocked to round out the eyelets a little.

Who would have thought lace design was addictive? Knitting therapy to stave of the winter blues! I have 3 more shawls in various stages of readiness currently, and another test knit starting in a day or so. This one has a leafy theme. Any takers?

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