Willow Pattern

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Inspired by one of my childhood favourite books The Wind in the Willows, and by my mother’s love of blue willow china, here is a shawl designed to work well with the brightest colours, or become gently geometric for a solid hue. It’s a simple top-down lace crescent, with optional beading, called Willow

You can start the lace whenever you wish, switch back and forth between lace and plain, and then knit until you run out of yarn.

It uses just the one 12 stitch repeat the whole way through.

It’s a pattern with the ingredients included for fellow tinkerers, yet simple enough for beginners. Some of the test knitters got quite frisky and added garter rows into stockinette, and vice versa, garter rows into the lace, lace rows into the plain section, and so on. I had such a blast seeing them take on the pattern and give it their own twist, as this was exactly what I was aiming for – a thoroughly adaptable shawl.

The plain section can be knit in stockinette or garter. You could even knit the whole thing in stockinette if you really wanted to – it would alter the diagonal lines and put more emphasis on the verticals – but it’s possible!

Or just knit one garter row on the WS at the start of each chart repeat to break the vertical lines up a little.


willow leaves

This is the back of the shawl. Knitting the whole shawl in garter would look more like this.

willow edge

I’ve included two styles of picot for the bind off – Oakleaf-esque

swallowtail edge

Swallowtail picot

whole willow

Mine is a fairly small shawl, modelled here by a gorgeous friend.

Willow wrapped

She serendipitously arrived on my doorstep perfectly colour themed, so I made her pose for me.

Willow stretched

Next up – Countertide, something festive and playful, currently accepting test knitters. Like narrower stripes? Sure! Or wider too. Or save all the lace until the end as dynamic edging. Beading optional, size adaptable, garter and/or stockinette. This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ knit!


Currently seeking test knitters – no deadline, knitter’s choice of yarn and colour. Sign up here http://www.ravelry.com/groups/nimble-knits

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