Turn a solid stick into spreadable butter.

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making spreadable butter 5

Soft spreadable butter in 2 mins.

There’s nothing like gouging a hole in a nice soft piece of bread while trying to spread butter on it. Or trying to warm a knifeful of butter over the toaster so you can make a sandwich, and then having it slide off and fall in.

So if you’ve run out of spreadable butter, or don’t feel like paying twice as much for something you can make at home in a couple of minutes – try this:

making spreadable butter 1

250 g butter
75g mild flavoured oil
75g cold water.

Pop your cold butter straight from the fridge into your thermomix/beater/mixer (you can chop it into smaller chunks first if it helps keep your mixer happy) and whizz until smooth.

spreadable butter 2

Whizzed for maybe half a minute..

Slowly add oil, either in batches or drizzled in while spinning, then do the same with the water. I used a light olive oil as the flavour is less dominating, but anything would do. The mix should be fairly runny at this stage.

making spreadable butter 3

After gradually adding oil and water, the mix should become nicely sloppy. It will firm up when it chills.

Pour it into a container – recycling a previous butter container works well as then you can easily tell what’s inside. Return it to the fridge to resolidify.

spreadable butter 4

Fits conveniently into a recycled butter container. And it’s even pre-labelled.

Now feel very smug and make yourself a cup of tea as a reward for a job well done. 🙂

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