Like peanut butter, but nut free, vegan, even paleo, and kindy safe.

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making sunflower butter

Whats better than peanut butter? This!

We are a household of peanut butter addicts. But nowadays there are more and more places PB is not welcome, like kindy or playdates with friends who have allergies. And variety is a good thing after all. Hence sunflower butter. It’s nut free, dairy free, vego, vegan, even paleo if you skimp on the maple. And it only takes a few minutes to whip up.

It’s simple and quick to make, with only 4 ingredients:

500g sunflower seeds
1t salt
1T maple (or a little less honey) – more or less to taste
1T oil

You can use the sunflower seeds as is, or prepare them in a couple of different ways – if you’re a soaker, soak and dehydrate, or if you’re a roaster, toast them until they are just turning golden. Toasting gives a slightly nuttier flavour.

You can also play with adding flavours – chocolate or cinnamon to entice the kids, or brewers yeast for a more savoury spread.

diy sunflower butter

500g sunflower seeds and 1t salt to start with.

Blitz the seeds in your whizzer on high and after a little while you’ll have sunflower meal.

making sunflower butter 2

Ground for maybe a minute, and looking very much like sand. Don’t add the oil yet – keep going!

Keep whizzing until the oil starts to be released from the sunflour meal and it begins to look shiny and clumpy. This can take some time.  Try different speeds if the mix isn’t moving much, and scrape the sides down periodically. The mixer may get quite warm.

diy sunflower butter making

After another minute or so in the old thermomix. See how it’s clumping? The oils are being released. It may take some time to reach this point, depending on your whizzer.

Once the mixture has become oily and somewhat smooth looking, add the maple syrup, and whizz some more on a lower speed to reduce splatter. Taste test at this point for salt and sweetness. Add extras if needed. Then gradually add oil until the desired consistency is reached. The moisture content of your seeds will impact how much oil is needed to make the butter spreadable.

diy sunflower butter 3

Blending in the oil and maple syrup.

Try not to eat entire batch before decanting into jar. 🙂

homemade sunflower butter

The colour of wet sand, but smooth and creamy, and tastes like happiness.

Warning: eating more than half a jar at once can lead to queasiness! Don’t ask me how I know this..


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