Seeking test knitters for another new pattern – round 2!

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Once again I’m looking for a couple of brave or foolhardy souls to test knit a shawl for me. This one is designed specifically with handspun in mind, or to show off your favourite variegated yarn. It is a top-down, striped, crescent shaped shawl knit mostly in stockinette, with a contrasting lace section and either an eyelet of ruffled edge depending on how you block it. It’s designed to be knit either from both ends of one skein of yarn for a subtle interplay of colours, or from a variegated yarn and a complementing single colour or tonal, depending on the amount of contrast preferred in the body of the shawl.

Stitches required are:
SK2P – slip 1, knit 2 tog, pass slipped st over: a double decrease
SSK or other left leaning decrease
KYOK – knit, YO, knit all in the one st: a double increase
And maybe a DYO, double yarn over, or a yo-yo, as I like to call them.
Mostly lots of plain stockinette though..

Free choice of yarn for knitters. The example above used a Three Waters Farm BFL ‘Couture Variation’ striped against itself, and a contrasting russet mystery yarn from Spotlight that had been lurking in my stash so long its label had dematerialised.

There will be a thread on Ravelry to make it easy to keep in touch about updates, edits, progress or comparing notes. Not working to a deadline, so there is no set time to complete the project.

I’m looking for feedback on whether the pattern is clear enough, and perhaps a photograph or project page to put on Ravelry when it goes up for sale so people can see some examples besides my own.

If you’re interested, email me, or comment below.

interplay shawl

More TWF fibre, ‘Carmine’ in polwarth, striped with Cascade grey sock, and the lace section was some leftover purple Fyberspates.

Interplay shawl 5

Getting very purple around here.



Still fairly purple, but easing up a little.

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